Tours and Acitivities

Zanzibar offers a great choice of tourist activities. From Bwejuu you can embark on mountain bike tours along the many miles of pristine coastline right up to the lagoon – a very popular area for snorkelling where you can marvel at an underwater world of fish and coral.
You can also cycle up to the wild mangrove area in the company of a local guide who will bring you through the tidal waters. And who knows – you might even catch a big crab for supper! You can also rent a local fishing boat to take you snorkelling and deep sea fishing.

Scuba Diving

The colourful coral reef along the east coast provides an interesting variety of superb and secluded diving spots with exciting drop-offs to the Indian Ocean! The visibility is generally around 30 meters from October - December and March - June, and it's still 15 meters during the windy months. The water temperatures are around 25 to 29 degrees all year long! You will find diving schools nearby offering top equipment and a full range of exciting dives including PADI courses, night diving and tailor-made dive excursions.
Peponi Diving Center
Buccaneer Diving

Kite Surfing

The East coast, especially the area around Bwejuu and Paje, offers ideal kiting conditions with strong, reliable cross-onshore winds, clear, tropical, warm waters, waves and sheltered lagoons with sandy bottoms. The two main seasons are from mid-December to March (North-Easterly Kaskazi winds) and from May until October (South-Easterly Kusi winds). The wind is generally best in the middle of these seasons.
Advanced kiters can rent equipment from the nearby International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) centres which also offer downwinders along various sections of coastline. The variety of conditions is what makes Zanzibar so special - from flat calm waters to waves on the reef - Zanzibar has it all!
Fully certified IKO courses are offered ranging from complete beginners right up to instructor level. Why not learn and improve your skills in perfect conditions!
Kitecentre Zanzibar
Airborne Kite Centres


We also arrange tours through our local Manager Wadi here at Kilimani Kwetu:

Stone Town Tour: Whether you are interested in historical sightseeing or simply want to stroll through the labyrinth of streets and alleyways to browse the different bazaars or souvenir shops – Wadi will be pleased to accompany you as your personal guide.

Spice tour: Spice plantations can be found a short distance outside Stone Town. Zanzibar is famous for its wide range of spices that were brought to the island by the Omani Sultans – spices such as cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, saffron, vanilla pods, nutmeg or cocoa fill the air and your senses. A spice tour truly opens your eyes the variety of spices and fruits of the island. Find out about the properties, origins and daily uses of exotic fruits and healing plants – and you will even have an opportunity to taste them. The tour ends with a meal using some of the many spices and fruits that you have seen.

Dolphin tours: Boat trips leave from Kizimkazi in the south of the island and will take you out to the open sea to an area where the dolphins can be seen close up. You'll even have an opportunity to swim with them - and seeing them frolicking in their natural habitat is an experience not to be missed!

Jozani Forest: Jozani Forest is the only national park on the island. Here you can see an unspoilt forest as it used to cover the island. You will see very impressive trees amongst the very diverse array of fauna and flora. This area is also home to the red Colobus monkeys which are only found here. They can be observed at close distance playing in trees.

Day excursions: From Kilimani Kwetu we can easily organise day excursions to other interesting parts of the island, for example to Nungwi in the north of the island or Mnemba island atoll (with some of the best snorkelling and diving spots to be had), or to the small eco-oriented Chumbe island.

Those who are more adventurous and want to get to know the whole island can rent vespas, motorbikes or even a car. . However, you should be in possession of an international driving licence.