Accomodation and Service Rates

Our rates per day apply from 2014/12/15:

Double room including breakfast$70
Single room including breakfast$50
Half board optional per person $10
Full board optional per person$16
Transfer from airport/port/Stone Town (approximately 60 km/45 miles)$50


Travel season
Zanzibar offers the perfect weather conditions for all those looking to flee the cold. As Zanzibar lies so close to the equator it enjoys warm temperatures all year round. Even when temperatures can reach 35 degrees during the hot month of January there is always a pleasant breeze. The mild rainy season of November does not affect the East coast.
The rainy season here is April and May. But even this time of year can have advantages for travellers as it can be more affordable travel period with fewer tourists, seasonal fruits and good diving conditions.

To travel to Tanzania you will need a visa that can be easily obtained either on arrival at the airport or at the ferry port at a cost of $50. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months.

When entering via another African country (including airport transfer) a yellow fever vaccination may be required. If in doubt, the Tanzanian embassy can provide information. Otherwise no further vaccinations are required. Official statistics show a remarkable decline of Malaria. Still, you may wish to go for prophylaxes such as MALARONE. However, in any case of emergency, the drug COARTEM from the Swiss pharmaceutical company NOVARTIS is readily available on Zanzibar Island.

There are reasonably priced flights from Europe on airlines such as Ethiopian, Condor, KLM, Turkish Air Line, Quatar and Oman Air, all of which fly directly to Zanzibar. Emeriates, Swiss and British Airways fly to Dar Es Salaam. From here you can easily connect to Zanzibar (,
Jet Air Fly Fly also offers cheap flights from Brussels.

Hotels and some tours must be paid in US Dollars. Both Tanzanian Shillings and US Dollars are widely accepted, and having some extra USD dollars in cash is advisable.
In Stone Town you can withdraw Tanzanian Shillings only with your Maestro -(Mastercard)or debit credit cards from a number of ATM machines which are scattered through out the town. Traveller Cheques are also accepted but the rate of exchange is generally poor.

Please bear in mind that 95% of Zanzibar's population are Muslims. Even though Zanzibarians practice a very moderate form of Islam you are expected to respect the religion by dressing appropriately when you are visiting Stone Town or villages. Islamic etiquette requires women to cover their shoulders and knees and men to wear long trousers. At the beaches clothing can be more lax with only nudity and topless bathing prohibited.